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An Innovative Collaboration Dedicated to Navigating the Complexities of Scientific Advancement from Concept to Commercialization

Funding Opportunities & Antibody Therapeutic Discovery and Development Seminar

An expert-led seminar that explores state-of-the-art antibody therapeutic discovery and resources to accelerate your development. Learn more about the Bluefield Innovations’ Request for Proposal process and the potential funding opportunities for your projects this fall.

Presentations by:
John Toscano, Ph.D. – Vice Dean of Natural Sciences, JHU
Joe Pearlberg, MD, Ph.D. – VP of Scientific Affairs, Deerfield
Larry Green, Ph.D. - Founder and CEO, Ablexis and CEO, AlivaMab Discovery Services

September 24, 2019, 10 AM - 12 PM
Continental Breakfast Provided

1812 Ashland Avenue
1st Floor JHTV Conference Rooms


In November 2017, Deerfield Management and The Johns Hopkins University announced the creation of Bluefield Innovations, a collaboration designed to catalyze the development of early stage therapeutics. Funded by Deerfield, an investment management firm committed to advancing healthcare, Bluefield Innovations will provide up to $65 million in initial funding over five years to support the commercialization of early stage therapeutic research at Johns Hopkins, with additional funding available to advance research showing strong commercial potential.

A joint steering committee will identify the research that Bluefield will support through the preclinical development process — including basic research, proof of concept, target selection and investigational new drug (IND) enabling studies designed to qualify a candidate to enter into human clinical trials.

Combining the respective strengths of each organization — Johns Hopkins’ scientific discovery expertise and Deerfield’s drug development, operational and financial support — enables Bluefield to reduce the financial and developmental risk associated with early stage novel projects.


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